Reflections 2012

I did the same for 2010, and 2011. I think doing reflections for the year on the last day is in a way beneficial. It enables me to reflect on the good things that had happened, the mistakes that I made, and the plans for the new year.

Comparing with 2010 and 2011, I am beginning to see the light in 2012. When it comes to career, I finally left the company that I was with for more than a decade. There was much apprehension and doubt before I decided to finally take the plunge. It was not an easy decision to make, especially when I was with the same company for so long. However, the career progression was stagnant, and while there was a change in management, I will be doing the same stuff in the near future. I wanted to try something new, and to see how it is like out there. Besides, I have enough with the monetary part, no bonuses for more than a decade, no salary increment in like half of those years that I was there. I was really falling behind my peers when it comes to not just career progression, but also my salary package. I was also encouraged by the fact that I was offered my job back if things do not work well in my new place, though I am not sure if I would have taken up the offer.

The new job comes with more responsibilities, and so far, it was what they had promised me during the rounds of interview. I am traveling more, working with people from all over the world, and managing projects regionally. While the company is not that big locally, it is huge globally. Like I mentioned to my boss during my annual review, I am definitely happier here than my old place. Also, I have learned my mistakes made previously and tried not to repeat them here. In a way, perhaps not able to jump ship in 2011 due to a lost opportunity was a blessing in disguise. Hopefully this will continue to improve. I have lots of catching up to do.

I also managed to start exercising again, though it was pretty late in the year, November in fact, when I started. However, this spell looks good, it has been two months and I have not been slacking off. I feel less tired, more energetic, and requires less hours of sleep. The weight loss has been marginal, though I am exercising mainly for health reasons. I am also eating healthier food, with more intake of fruits and vegetables, and less salt and junk food.

In other areas, things have be pretty stagnant. Due to procrastination, I have yet to take the examinations for a course that I took this year. I should have done it, instead I kept pushing it back by telling myself that I need time to settle down in my new job. Actually I was just lazy. Based on this experience, I am not too sure if I can go ahead with the other plan of getting a MBA.

I also travelled more in 2012, mostly for work, though not all to the countries that I want to go. For the new year, i want to travel more for leisure, while definitely keeping the costs down on these trips.

2012 was a year where I think I took quite a laid lack look at life, taking things slowly and not getting all worked  up and emotional over a lot of stuff. Perhaps it is due to age, or perhaps it is a change in perception to ‘live and let live’.

For next year, I am planning for more self growth, be it in terms of health, or emotionally, or intellectually. I want to participate in a running event at least once, be it 10km or 21km run. I want to continue with my healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly and eating healthier food. I want to pass my exams and get certified, and perhaps re-examine what other avenues are available besides MBA. I want to write more, and read more. I had set out a target of at least 50 books read in this year, and ended up not even reading 5 books. I also need to really manage my finances better, instead of just planning but not following through. Perhaps there is something else that I need to get a confirmation to see where it is going. And I want to plan monthly, and not just in the beginning of the year. I also need to track my progress regularly, and not once in a blue moon. Also, I should explore contributing back to the society or the world in 2013. Perhaps look at some way of volunteering for issues that I strongly believe in, like animal and nature conservation.

I think if I visualise the whole year as a game, then it will be easier for me. Perhaps visualising each item as an achievement, and when I achieved it, I should indicate visually somewhere as a reward, something like how Nike tracks my runs, or how World of Warcraft rewards me after multiple hours of farming. But no matter what, I should not waste any single second of my life anymore. I need to spend time constructively.

So if the proudest achievements of 2010 and 2011 were that I survived, then my proudest achievement of 2012 is one of that not only I survived, but baby steps have been taken.

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