We Never Appreciate Something Until It’s Gone

There is this saying that is often quoted about how we never appreciate anything until it is gone. I just realised how true this is.

My washing machine broke down recently.

I did not realise how much I have relied on my washing machine in my life. It had become so much part of my life that I have taken it for granted. After each run, just throw the sweaty running gear into the washing machine. Handles the washing of my clothes during the weekend. It was literally one of the tools that kept my house clean.

Now I have to handwash my clothes while waiting for the repairman to repair it. The last time I handwashed my clothes was, what, during my NS days. And repairmen do not work on weekends. Am I suppose to take a day’s leave just so I can get my washing machine repaired?

Now I hope my aircon do not break down next.