The Tailor Motivation

After running for a while now, I came to realise that I needed motivation regularly to keep running, be it a new running route, a new running gadget, a new pair of running shoes or even a change in the training schedule. Recently, it came from a very unlikely source – the tailor.

The last time I went to the tailor was back in 2011. Surprisingly, they still have the record of my measurements then. The tailor, who did the measurements then, even added three Chinese characters on the record that said I have spare tire. Brutal, but honest.

I mentioned to the tailor that they will need to re-measure since I have lost some weight, so he did. However, he simply refused to believe the measurements as he said it deviated too much from those on my record. He measured again and again, while referring to my old records again and again. Finally, he was convinced after I told him I have been running.

I know I lost weight, as a matter of fact, I lost 12kg since I started running regularly at the end of 2012 even though I have a lot more to go before my ideal weight, but I did not realise I lost that much till I compared my current measurements with the one back in 2011. It definitely did wonders to my ego, but most importantly, it provided me with another motivation to keep running.

The next time if I have any doubts as to why I am subjecting myself to the pain, the misery, the cramps from running, I just need to think of my tailor.